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Only a flesh wound: Castiel’s injury in 9.06 (TW: Gore)


I’ve seen a lot of posts talking about Dean taking Cas to the hospital to get his hand fixed after they left Nora’s house, and as tidy a way to explain that span of time between Nora’s and Dean dropping Cas off at work the next morning as that is—there’s just no way Dean would do that.

I can see why people are saying Cas had to have gone to a hospital for treatment; it does look like he has a cast on his arm in the last scene.  But, as bunkermouse  also pointed out, we see it’s not actually a cast:


(sorry for the crappy quality)

This appears to be an Ace bandage—they’re not visible in this pic and I couldn’t find a cap with them, but there are two metal clips holding the dressing in place.

So we know that in addition to the gash across Cas’ palm from the thorns, his wrist or arm is injured. My guess is that it’s a severe wrist sprain from when Ephraim was twisting his hand around:


And that bandage does look pretty professionally done.  What’s to say it couldn’t have been done at a hospital?

Well, Dean Winchester, is what.

Dean’s been a hunter his whole life. Hunting the things he hunts, he’s no stranger to all kinds of injuries.  We’ve seen a lot of them in the last eight years. Given his upbringing, the only way Dean’s going to go to a hospital for treatment is if it’s something too dire for him or Sam to fix themselves.

Dean grew up knowing that he was going to have to take care of most of his injuries himself.  There’s just no way John Winchester would ever have been able to explain away all the wounds Dean got while hunting if he went to the ER every time he got hurt.  Because hospitals ask questions.  They want to know about insurance, and payment, and a permanent address.  Those kinds of questions are dangerous, and John wouldn’t have taken the risk that Child Protective Services would start looking at them closely, and maybe take his sons away from him, unless the situation were life-threatening. 

So Sam and Dean learned how to be field medics.

(warning: gory images under the read more)

(No, seriously.  If gore squicks you, do not click through.)

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